Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Uuh ooh! What do we have here? Could it be...wait...no...not...an acutal finished project!?!

I know, I can't believe it myself. Not only did I ACTUALLY finish something...but I even followed through to photograph & blog it. Good God, what has gotten into me? Must be some left over gusto from my vacation.

This little pretty you see here is the completed "Mama's Lunch Bag" for my mom's new job. This was a free pattern that came with my sewing machine - started back in January....finished...well, a couple of nights ago.

"It's cute, but not 8 months cute, why did it take so long" you ask?

Well....a little anxiety with the pattern....led to....screw the pattern....led to throwing the pattern away (not literally, you know I dont throw anything away)....led to just getting it done & a little matching tissue holder to boot.

Absorb the leather detail, 'cuz it's the last time you'll ever see me use 'n it....that stuff is a total bitch to work with. I used a Teflon foot, which worked well to feed it through, but then the feed dog scratched the heck out of the bottom side of what I was sewing. Annoying!!

A Note on Web Surfing:
To me, surfing the crafting blogosphere is like visiting one big Victorian home, where each room is a different studio - or different blog page. Posie Get's Cozy is the Kitchen Studio. Soule Mama is the Backyard Studio (a BIG New England backyard), and Bara + Design is in the Library Studio. So, when I stumble across a new blog that I had never come across before, an awesome feeling rushes over me like finding a secret garden in this great big Victorian house that I didn't know existed. Okay, sorry, that was probably too much information. Anyway, last night, I found another secret garden. Or more like, a big Mid-Western Porch Studio - the blog of See Eunny Knit. She has completed some of the most gorgeous knit projects and you have to check out her original designs. I'm constantly amazed by the creativity I find around here.

Getting back to my travel schedule - I've got a few trips in the works. Mostly for family reasons. 'Tis the season of weddings & birthday parties...which makes the trips fun and exciting.

Most are quickies...but I might be able to sneak out for a bit should there be good enough reason....left in the comments section of the post...perhaps...just maybe?

New Hampshire - leaving tomorrow for the weekend.

NYC - End of Sept./Beginning of October.
-Business...but wanted to check out:
-NYC garment district
-M&J Trimmings
-Purl Soho

Washington D.C./Arlington/Fall's Church - Oct. 19th - 22nd.
-Wedding - bestfriend, Crystl getting married.

Orange County, CA - End of October
-Birthday parties.
-Halloween (?)

Toldeo & Madrid, Spain - End of the year
-Family, Family, Family
-3 Kings (Christmas)
-New Years

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girl. u need to talk to me about restaurants while you're in NYC. see my latest post.
Blogger CynCyn, at 9:34 PM  
v. cute bag. who cares that it took a long time, you finished it!!!!
why don't you check out HABU as well while you're in NYC? i didn't get to go the last time i was in NYC, because i couldn't pull myself away from purlsoho!!

such great travelling you get to do!
Blogger allegra918, at 9:46 AM  
going to see yarn harlot on saturday. are you? want to get together with a bunch of other bloggers for dinner/coffee afterwards? :o)
Blogger kelpkim, at 11:21 AM  
Good god, woman. Why do you even have a house? You never see it.

The bag is amazing. I'm jealous of your being-in-NE right now. I'm jealous of your going to the NE in the fall.

Apparently, I'm jealous.

I know leaving messages on blogger is totally inefficiant (I just forget to contact you any other way), but Brahmani wants to have a girls night out (theoretically to celebrate my new job, but I think it's more about the beer) and proposed we three go out sometime when you are in SF. Let me know if some time works for you.
Blogger Bethro, at 8:32 PM  
I'm the library room! That is so cool.
Blogger eireann, at 5:50 PM  

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