Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Visiting the Mile High Girlz!!

Good girl time had by all last night in Denver! It was great seeing Stacey, Wanda, Jeni & Michelle again! Even though I've spent little time in my life with these lovely ladies, it feels like we go waaay back! I guess that's the charm of the blogging world, right?

We started the evening out at Colorful Yarns. A great little yarn shop jam packed with fiber goodness. And of course, with Stacey's bad influence...I left with some gorgeous - Donegal Tweed, homespun in orange.

Then, off to dinner with the ladies where much gossip was had. What more could a girl ask for but knitting gossip!?! It was great. And I learned some fun facts too...like, how Wanda knits at work. All day. Jealous? Me too.

Then it was off to the knitting nest we call Stacey's house. It was just as sweet as she is, a life size doll house, really. Decorated with knitting needles (I mean you just dont know the extent of it, people! Knitting needles everywhere)....sweet antiques AND lots and lots of board games. The doll house comes with it's own (not so doll size) yarn stash and knitting library!

And the Christmas decorations! Ooh...coordinated sewing and knitting supplies in Christmas colors...who does that? Adorable. And check this out, an antique birdcage full of ornaments....Martha move over!

Thanks for the fun visit, guys! Next time it's my turn to host! I hope you'll visit soon...

Now...off to figure out what the heck to turn that tweed in!

posted by Cristina at 11:55 AM


Sniff, sniff. Sounds like you had lots of fun!!! Hope to meet you next time!!
Blogger allegra918, at 2:07 PM  
Oh, man! I want to live where the knitting groups are!
Blogger knitmoose, at 3:15 PM  
glad you had a great time in the Mile High City!!
Blogger CynCyn, at 5:54 PM  
wow! how fun! i just love meeting blogging friends- makes this world a bit smaller, doesn't it? :D
Blogger ♥ joleen ♥, at 11:33 PM  
It really is time for us to come out and see you, isn't it? Maybe I'll have to think about that one?! Thanks for hanging out...it was over too quickly and was SO much fun!!
Blogger Stacey, at 8:07 AM  
OK, now the picture of you on Stacy's website looks like me in my HS senior photo. Must be that great Mediterranean blood we have!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:12 PM  
Okay, I'm not really commenting on this post; I'm commenting on your latest one, about the irony of Blogger not allowing anyone to comment on your Blogger/Typepad post. Well, I can't comment on the latest post either because most of your blog page is covered up by an image outline that "can't be displayed" and every time I try to click on "comment" it tries to link me to an image that doesn't exist.

So about Typepad....you get what you pay for. My two cents only. Can't wait till your blog works again. :-)
Anonymous jessie, at 6:19 PM  
:) i just love those bright white christmas tree. blog meetups are super fun!
Anonymous jenny vorwaller, at 6:14 PM  

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