Monday, September 18, 2006

Berkshire Sweater....ooh how I Hate Thou

*picture to come...blogger's acting stupid again (big shock). Is it time to change to TypePad?

I started this sweater because I am happy to and because I promised Dreamy-Eyes a knit sweater.

Right now, I AM TOTALLY FRUSTRATED. Had I not made my promise AND spend like $60 on the yarn & 8 million hours knitting I would throw it in the bay.

Or had I not made a public promise to finish this no matter what.

I did everything right this time.
I even swatched, (despite my reputation).
My swatch came out perfect, and I knit 80% of the sweater (entire week in Maui). I was in denial the entire time, when Dreamy-Eyes finally achknowledged the elephant in the room - "uuh, babe, does that look a little small to you?". It did. The whole time. So we tried it on, & it looked RIDICULOUS.

Like he was a 19 year old girl "goin' to the club" - tight.

So, I ripped the whole thing out, calculated a more accurate gauge....& re-wrote the pattern.

As frustrated as I am, I have to admit to having a pretty good laugh at my husbands expense. Now he looks like a cave man.

After I picked myself up off the floor....I begged him....

"...please (chuckle chuckle)...let me (laugh...choking).....take a picture to show my blogger friends..."

I'm determined to finish this damn thing, and I will. But for now, I need a break.
This thing is really challenging my patience.

Olive thought it was pretty funny too. Here she is laughing. She's laughing because all she had to do was wait a few hours for me to knit up her sweater.

She's sittin' pretty now. Not a single cuss word for her sweater, nope, not one.
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Wow, Olive and her sweater are awesome...thanks for the link!
Blogger ljmax, at 7:43 PM  
aww man! i wanted to see a pic of DE in club tight sweater. dang. you should've offered to crop his head out...
Blogger CynCyn, at 9:39 PM  
Oh my god. I love Olive. I think Olive and I are dating. I must make an Olive.

OK, that pic of your hubby is great. He is such a good sport.

What is it about husband's sweaters? I found more major mistakes in the pattern I picked for Phil. Can't we just teach them to knit? Shouldn't that be enough?
Blogger Bethro, at 6:54 AM  
PS- Would you consider changing patterns? Or is that unthinkable?

Not this coming monday, but a week from, do you want to go to knitting?
Blogger Bethro, at 6:56 AM  
You crack me up! I'm glad we get to see a pic of the man in his too tight going to the club-tight sweater! So funny!
Blogger Wanda, at 11:31 AM  
awe, what a good sport! frogging is the worst, i hate it... i don't even like talking about it! good luck with the second try, i'll be sending anti-frogging thoughts your way!
Anonymous Sarah, at 12:25 AM  

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